Here at Gainers Club, we believe everyone should aspire to reach their ultimate strength,
no matter your gender, age or physical goals.

our mission

For years, many of us have bee training without being recognised for the strengths we've achieved in the gym, despite how hard we've worked to get there.  Whilst another half of us battle to remain determined to achieve our physical goals. Gainers Club is here to change that. Our mission is to
"Make the world stronger, together."


how will we achieve this?

We are a proud, growing community of people with aspirations to grow stronger and reach our full potential in the gym. As well as this, Gainers Club will;

1. Motivate you through our club collection and events.

2. Give you knowledge through our books and youtube.

3. Make you apart of something greater than gym.

4. Boost your confidence through our community.

5. All enabling you to, reach your ultimate strength.

what are you waiting for?

Join the Gainers Club and reach strengths you've never reached before.

Exclusive clubs include; 
Squat Club (100KG - 300KG +)

Bench Club (100KG - 300KG +) 

Deadlift Club (100KG - 300KG +)


- Gainers Club- 

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